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About Us

Lincond Plastic Metal Co., Ltd  


Design & Innovation


        Lincond understands the desires and needs of the leading players in the spirits industry by continous innovations in order to bring more and more complex creations to life.

lincond puts all its energy to help our customers developing the high quality new products at better price! we provide functional mock up samples and prototypes of high quality,prototypes are closed 95% of the final product,studied to be manufactured in series. This is a very important step,in order to help our customers make the right decision.


       Lincond Plastic Metal Co.,Ltd was established in 2001, located in Shenzhen,China.We have been specialising in the production of barware and drinkware for 16 years. Our production facilities cover 4000 square metres and we employ approximately 200 employees, we focus on developing high quality products for the most famous brands around the world.

       Lincond can process your requirements entirely in-house with its mould design,tool-making, plastic injection, silkscreen printing,pad printing,hot stamping, offsetprinting, transfers, also our products can be lacquered, polished, engraved, by mixing materials, shapes, colors, effects, as well as integration of lighting system to maximize the visual impact of each product. We pay a special attention to details in order to make them stand out and reinforcing their prestige.

We meet international quality standards and our factory is certified ISO 9001: 2008 SMETA 4- Pillar / BSCI, our products are complied with ROHS, CE, FDA, LFGB standard, with 16 years experience working with the most famous brands enables us to perfectly identify all the constraints linked to the product's environment for each project development such as alcohol resistance for the spirits industry.

We are committed to control and monitor each step of the production process, from conception to delivery, thus ensuring the high quality and service on all projects.

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